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RachelleI’ve been nominated by the lovely Rachelle from My Saturn Epoch to participate in this blog-hop series, to reflect on why I write for you all.

I had the pleasure of Rachelle’s life coaching program earlier this year and have had my world turned upside, or “flipped on it’s head” as Rachelle would say!

Since I’ve been nominated, I have seen this series pop up on many different blogs and I’ve found it so inspiring to read each woman’s take  on how and why they share their message.

So here’s my take on things:

What am I working on?

After finishing my ebook recently, I’ve started to shift my focus back research. I’m catching up on podcasts, video series and books to dive deeper into all things hormonal, nutritional and inspirational.  So I guess the next logical step is to share my knowledge through some more blog posts!

Keep an eye out for:

  • a blog post on natural cold remedies
  • a review on an earthing sheet for my bed and an earthing mat for my desk at work
  • a printed brochure explaining what I do
  • book reviews on my latest reads
How does my writing differ from others in this genre?

Tough question…. I share a lot of what I read, so often the message is the same as others in this “genre”. I guess I just share it in my own way. Relying on my own personal experiences and trying to explain how things resonate with my world, in the hopes that someone else will find truth and meaning in what I have to say.

Sometimes I worry that it might be a little repetitive, particularly if it’s a hot topic within the industry. But then I figure that maybe it will be new to someone reading it? Or maybe it will remind someone of something they had forgotten to try? Or maybe someone will comment below and teach me something new?


Why do I write?

Why do I invest my time and energy in pressing keys and watching colours changes on a screen?

I write…..for a public forum through my blog,

I write….privately in my journal to clear my thoughts, express gratitude and affirm myself,

I write…..plenty of to-lists, checklists and diary dates,

I write….as a creative outlet for all the crazy thoughts racing around in my head,

I write….when I’m bored,

I write….when I’m busy and need to destress,

I write….to build community,

I write….because information is free and there are so many incorrect messages being spread by those who are financially invested in a certain outcome (I’m looking at you KELLOGGS!)

I write…..because I have something important to share and I just can’t keep it to myself!

How does my writing process work?

Hahaha, well there is no method to my madness. Sometimes I get the itch to share and to write. So I do a few blog posts all at once, spend a good weekend just jotting down ideas, concepts and new research. That will usually last a few weeks so I can take a break (and catch up on study) until I need to write some more.

I try to write in my journal daily. If I can’t, I will at least write an affirmation on a post-it note for the day. My day doesn’t feel complete without some kind of acknowledgement, dedication or intention.

Passing on The Baton…

I’m passing on the Blog-Hop baton to these 3 inspiring women! I want to know why they write! I want to know more about their process and purpose!


A Girl Named Nyamka is a fellow IIN student with a different spin on things.

She is a minimalist with a heartfelt passion for sharing amazing recipes, and she believes in being well to do good, and doing good to change the world.

She also participating in Project333 in which she has only 33 items of clothing for each season…. a true minimalist!


Jo from Wonderbox of Wellbeing is also a fellow IIN student who is so down to earth, passionate and has a wicked sense of humour.

Jo is super knowledgeable around emotional eating and weightloss, but I think it’s her creativity and her warmth that make her stand out from others! She is also very courageous, with plans to run some group workshops soon!

EugieneAnd my last nomination is the stunning Eugénie Rutherford from Let’s Get Nourished!

Eugénie is so genuine and kind, with a true desire to help others become nourished from the inside.

She is also a fantastic cook! Make sure you check out her free ebook for plenty of sugar-free choccie treats!

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  1. Rachelle

    Thank you for the reminder about who reads our blogs hun – I often forget we are not writing for other people who do what we do but for our clients, who trust us to share the best information in our way. I absolutely love your take on why you write xxoo

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