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Those of you who know me, know that I’m a huge fan of Dr Nat Kringoudis. I attended her live session of Debunking PCOS earlier this year, as this is a health issue I personally struggle with. The turning point for me in my healing was making an appointment to see Nat at the Pagoda Tree, and I still regularly visit to get my Traditional Chinese Medicine fix. So, spreading this message is really important to me, so I’m thrilled to share this with you today!

dbunking-pcos-affiliate-bannerHormones got you in a tizz?  Want to stop taking the pill because it isn’t actually helping but not sure where to start?

It’s time girlfriend we helped you Debunk the myths of PCOS and other hormone imbalances and gain a whole new level of understanding about YOU.

Presented in two segments, you’ll learn how to really understand your body’s signs and symptoms around hormone health, hormone imbalance, alongside Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome.

So whether you have PCOS, wondering if you have hormone imbalance or simply want to learn more about yourself as a woman, this information is completely invaluable – you won’t find it taught in schools but getting educated is your key to long term wellness – because ultimate health lies with you.

In the e-course, you’ll find it packed full of golden nuggets of information, including:

  • debunking PCOS – how to  understand your cycle (or lack of)
  • myths and truths of PCOS
  • why PCOS happens
  • how to get your body back on track
  • how to heal PCOS
  • life beyond PCOS (including babies)


Win a copy of the PCOS e-Course – here’s how!

I am thrilled to be an affiliate for Dr Nat Kringoudis’s e-courses, and to celebrate one lucky follower will win a free copy of both Debunking PCOS and Debunking Ovulation e-Courses (valued at $104).

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I’ll be announcing the winner on Facebook on Monday 7 July.


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