how to start your morning: the ultimate morning routine


There have been numerous blog posts written by health and wellness gurus over the last few years. Many of them are so inspiring, you decide that tonight you will go to bed at 8pm so that you can get up at 5.30am to squeeze as much juice out of the morning-routine lemon!

One of the reasons that morning routines are so popular is that they set you up on the right path for the day. They make you feel good, as you know you are taking steps towards a healthier and happier life.

I diligently stuck to a jam-packed morning routine for a few months, before a few things would slide, or I would end up leaving 10 minutes too late and get caught in Melbourne’s 7.45am traffic chaos.

After berating myself, the alarm clock would be set for 15 minutes earlier and I would start over. There were just soooo many fabulous things to accomplish and the more I read other’s suggestions, the more I pressured myself to get it done. In fact, my morning routine became somewhat stressful – even more reason to make sure that I managed to fit in 15 minutes of meditation.

The ultimate morning routine

But I’m now pleased to say that I’ve found a way to take the pressure out of what is meant to be a happiness-inducing process! Here were the two changes I implemented:

  1. Create a list of all the wonderful things I could do before work. Each morning, depending on how much time I have, I pick and choose which ones I feel like doing this morning. What is my intuition telling me – does my body need a good dry body brush or am I craving a few rounds of sun salutations?
  2. It may seem counterintuitive when the aim is to reduce the pressure, but consider an after work routine or evening routine. I stick with the same philosophy as above, and check back to the list to see if there is anything I could do before bed.

The trick is, don’t create rules and regulations – be gentle and kind to yourself. You may decide that the best thing for you one morning is to SLEEP IN!

What are some of the things on my list?

I like to call them my daily feel goods:

  • Make a glass of warm lemon, ginger and turmeric
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Dry body brush
  • Oil pulling
  • Journalling
  • Take 5 deep, conscious breaths
  • 7 Minute Workout app
  • Brew some delicious tea and sip it outside
  • Take the dog for a walk
  • Repeat an affirmation
  • Make a green juice
  • Mix some essential oils with a carrier oil and give myself a mini massage
  • Intimate time with your loved one
  • Watching the sun rise

I’d love to hear your favourite feel goods! Feel free to comment below!

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