“I had issues with disordered eating (binge eating), an unhealthy relationship with food and my body, and I was struggling to “normalise” my eating behaviour. I said yes to coaching with Kate, as I had tried psychologists, a naturopath, group therapy etc and was looking for something else.

I quickly connected with Kate, and I was able to make some significant shifts within the first 4 to 6 weeks. My disordered eating behaviour has improved significantly, as I’m eating more healthily and I don’t experience binging episodes anymore. I am now more at peace with myself, I’m finding social situations easier as I’m less caught up in my thoughts (around food), and have seen improvements to my relationship with my friends and my partner as I’m less distracted.

I found coaching with Kate to be eye-opening, informative and connective. To anyone sitting on the fence about health coaching, give it a go! Thanks so much xx”

Heidi, Melbourne

“I wanted to get back to my usual healthy patterns and support with a weightloss protocol I was undertaking. Within the first session I felt that Kate understood me and where I was at. I have a pretty good knowledge of health but sometimes lack the ability to apply it, so it was great that Kate didn’t waste time with things I already knew and focused in on what I needed to do instead.

By the end of the program, I enjoyed an improved diet, especially making sure I was getting the right nutrients. I felt a big shift in my level of self love/care and that overflowed into improvements in my relationships with others. My coaching experience with Kate was caring, informative and comprehensive. She listens, asks the right questions and gives tailored recommendations with a knowledgeable grace.

Rachelle, Brisbane