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an update on my personal PCOS story

Things have been moving in the right direction this year with my PCOS diagnosis, so I felt I should share my success! As you may be aware, last year I decided to tackle my PCOS and hypothyroidism without the use of medications. I wanted to balance my hormones naturally.

light end of tunnel

It’s taken a very long time to start to heal, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

If you wanted to catch up on my diagnosis and story thus far, please check out this post.

This year, my cycle has slowly returned, inconsistently but at least it’s happening! As you may be aware, women ovulate from alternate ovaries. I seem to have one cycle that is pretty close to 28 days now, and I can pinpoint the day of ovulation. The period associated with this cycle is completely pain free! No PMS!!!

However, the other cycle from the other ovary is not so pleasant. It fluctuates from 35 to 65 days long, and I can’t seem to pinpoint ovulation. The period associated with this ovary still quite painful, with cramps, headaches and a bad mood.

I have found that castor oil heat packs have eased the period pain. You can read more about them here.

So what do I believe have been the contributing factors to easy my PCOS symptoms, balancing my hormones and  bringing my cycle back into line?

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i quit sugar christmas cookbook is out!

I quit sugar Christmas cookbook

So those of us who are Sarah Wilson fans, you will be excited to hear she has released another sugar-free (fructose-free) cookbook just in time for Christmas!

Christmas-gingerbread - i quit sugar Christmas by Sarah WilsonThe new book features even more sugar-free tempting recipes just in time for the silly season.

My absolute favourite is Gingerbread and Sarah has a wonderful sugar-free recipe that you can enjoy without the sugar hangover the next day.

Also included are menu plans for Christmas gatherings, as well as leftover ideas for Boxing Day, conversion charts and shopping lists.

The cookbook is not just focussed on sweet recipes, but also plenty of savoury recipes including Maple-glazed Christmas ham, relishes, vegetable sides and even a few alcoholic drinks to complete the day.

My favourite part about Sarah’s cookbooks is that she has a little coding system for special dietary requirements. For me, I look for the paleo-friendly icon on the recipes. For others, it may be the vegan recipes.

i quit sugar xmas - book

 To make it easy to purchase ingredients online and to jump to different sections, the ebook has built-in clickable navigation links throughout.

The ebook is only $19 and be purchased by clicking below:

I Quit Sugar Christmas Cookbook