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What is a health coach anyway?


Australians are in a bit of a crisis with more and more people being diagnosed with lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.  We need to invest more resources in preventing these lifestyle-related diseases, rather than treatment.

The role of a health coach is to offer support, guidance, inspiration and accountability to help clients to make lasting changes to their lifestyle, through better choices around nutrition and exercise.

To take that one step further, holistic health coaching focuses on all aspects of life, beyond that of food and movement.

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what am i grateful for?

I first bought a gratitude journal back in June 2011, after attending the Happiness Conference in Brisbane, which was 2 days of inspirational speakers, including David Gillespie and the Dalai Lama! The biggest messages for creating your own happiness were altruism and gratitude.

Since then, I have been through phases of religiously completing my gratitude journal and other times not being so diligent. Mid-2012, I found myself struggling with life and happiness and had a brief stint on anti-depressants. It only lasted a few months, as I realised that they were contributing to my (weight)problems and not in fact helping me cope. During that time, there were no entries in my journal. Perhaps I did not feel grateful for anything? In reality, I think that if we live in Australia, we have A LOT to be grateful for!

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