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why i write….


RachelleI’ve been nominated by the lovely Rachelle from My Saturn Epoch to participate in this blog-hop series, to reflect on why I write for you all.

I had the pleasure of Rachelle’s life coaching program earlier this year and have had my world turned upside, or “flipped on it’s head” as Rachelle would say!

Since I’ve been nominated, I have seen this series pop up on many different blogs and I’ve found it so inspiring to read each woman’s take  on how and why they share their message.

So here’s my take on things:

What am I working on?

After finishing my ebook recently, I’ve started to shift my focus back research. I’m catching up on podcasts, video series and books to dive deeper into all things hormonal, nutritional and inspirational.  So I guess the next logical step is to share my knowledge through some more blog posts!

Keep an eye out for:

  • a blog post on natural cold remedies
  • a review on an earthing sheet for my bed and an earthing mat for my desk at work
  • a printed brochure explaining what I do
  • book reviews on my latest reads
How does my writing differ from others in this genre?

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big weekend? here are my best tips for a quick detox

So you overindulged this weekend? Don’t worry, we’ve ALL been there. Here are my top tips for a super quick recovery:

Scrub your skin

IMG_0041Our skin is actually a major organ which eliminates toxins through our pores. When dead skin cells accumulate, detoxification through the skin becomes difficult. So by removing dead skin cells, we can assist detoxification.

I’m a huge fan of dry body brushing, but you could also do a hot towel scrub.

The scrubbing/brushing action also reduces muscle tension and promotes circulation.

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Benefits of Earthing and Grounding

Earthing and GroundingI would say that I grew up with a reasonably conventional mindset around the way the world worked. Science was accurate and did not entertain the idea of things occurring without some kind of proof.Two years ago, the concept of “earthing/grounding” would not have sat well with me. That would have been something for hippies only, with little proof in my mind that there could be any real benefit to such practice. Today, I’m much more curious about how we are connected to the earth, and it’s that connectedness that actually keeps us alive and well.

So what is earthing/grounding?

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Pet Wellness

K_04fbThe focus of my post today is around pet wellness. Certainly a topic near and dear to me, as I bring up the adorable little snowball that is Queeg, my Japanese Spitz (pictured here at 9 weeks old).

My baby girl is nearly 11 weeks old and has taught us much about the importance of living in the now. She is fully focussed on the present moment, and when she wants to play, she doesn’t care whether you only have half an hour before you have to start work. And when there is food in the air, nothing else matters.

Being as environmentally and sustainably conscious as I am, it’s important to me that I encourage organic farming wherever possible. I vote with my dollar, and refuse to spend my hard earned money fueling an economy that is dead against my personal beliefs. So I feed her organic produce, based around the dietary theory of the BARF diet (biologically appropriate raw food diet), in which she eats only raw food, that I prepare myself.

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