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Floatation Tank Review

(Image courtesy of Flotation Tank Melbourne)

Flotation Tanks are popping up all over the place here in Melbourne, and I’m sure it’s the case in most other major cities. But what is the hype about?

I had a 2 hour session in 2017 at Flotation Tank Melbourne, in Bell Street, Bellfield. It was a nice treat for myself as my toddler and husband were interstate at the time. It was very relaxing in the sense that the time flew by and before I knew it, 2 hours was over!

As all your senses are completely shut down, you are able to go into a deep relaxation. Relaxation is such a powerful healing tool, and definitely underrated. As a busy mum who doesn’t believe she is stressed, my body probably thinks a different thing! Having time out for deep relaxation and meditation is very important to me, and it was lovely to be able to have that for myself during the float.

The couple of things that I experienced that were a tiny bit annoying, was firstly I struggled to get my neck in the correct position to fully relax. They had just got in a foam headband that sort of acts like a pillow, and this really took the pressure off my neck. But at the 1.25 hour mark, the headband was digging in and feeling uncomfortable, but I didn’t want to take it off as I needed the neck support, so I was at the stage where I was really ready to get out. And secondly, trying to get out the “salty” feel out of my hair using natural shampoos took a few washes.

I was able to try a floating session with an online coupon at a fairly decent price, but it’s not something I could personally afford to do on a regular basis, but certainly nice for a self-care treat!

Cost AU$99 1 Hour Weekend or AU$88 1 Hour Weekday (although search for an online coupon and I’m sure you can find a better price)



Effectiveness: 8/10

Relaxation: 8/10

Affordability: 6/10




Please note, I am not affiliate or associated with Floatation Tank Melbourne or any associated products. This review has been written by me, an unbiased and independent customer.