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Essential Oils for Babies, Toddlers and Children

I love my essential oils, and use them on a daily basis for my own health, self care and skin regime.Since having my daughter, I’m even more committed to using essential oils for the health and wellbeing of our family.

I’ve previously written about essential oils in my Essential Oils 101 series.

See Part 1 for information regarding the benefits. See Part 2 for how to use essential oils .

The focus today’s article is how to incorporate essential oils into your life as mum.


Which oils are safe to use for babies, toddlers and children

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Part Three – My Birthing Guide

I wanted to share with you some of the highlights from the birth of my beautiful daughter, Piper. But more importantly,  I want to recommend some strategies, tips and tools that I found to be extremely helpful when preparing for child birth.

Part Three – My Birthing Guide

28f34c8950597aeeca12e4553a4b90ceHow to Bust Through Birthing Fear

The biggest key to a natural birth is to trust the wisdom of your body. Busting through fear was the biggest hurdle in my birthing preparation. I was really scared of all the things that could go “wrong”, but mostly of the pain.

Fear can elicit the stress response, and stress has been found to delay or even stop the birthing process. When a woman was giving birth in the wild, if a tiger was to appear in the distance, the stress response delays labour to enable the woman to move to a safe location. But when we are unnecessarily stressed during labour, a woman’s cervix can even reduce dilation! So by reducing fear, we can reduce the likelihood of eliciting the stress response. And here’s how:

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Part Three – Emotional Health

I’m really excited to kick off this four-part article series on emotions! Read all four articles using the links below.

Part One: the importance of acknowledging and expressing for emotional healing, and how to express guilt, regret and shame.

Part Two: expressing sadness, anger and frustration.

Part Three: emotional health – what you can do to keep yourself balanced.

Part Four: emotion vs mood – long term considerations

Part Three


As I discussed in part one of my emotions series, as humans, we should expect to feel the whole gambit of emotions. Emotions are not good or bad – they just are what they are – a normal part of the human experience!

However, there are a few things that you can do to get yourself off the emotional rollercoaster so that you feel balanced and on an even keel.


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would you eat your moisturiser?

ingredientsApologies in advance for jumping up onto the soap box, but this is something I am extremely passionate about!

They say knowledge is power, so here are some gems of knowledge to get you thinking…..

Would you eat your moisturiser?

Nicotine patches…. do you know how they work? The are absorbed by the skin and end up in the blood stream.

Well your moisturiser is no different. Neither is your shampoo, your body wash, your face mask or your deodorant. Many ingredients in personal care products are questionable. And it only takes your body 26 seconds to absorb what you put on your skin. Continue reading