sitting disease – a must read for all office workers

After doing some research for a colleague who was returning to work after a back operation, I came across this scary information…..

Sitting should scare you - Infographic about Sitting Disease

I realise these stats are all based on America, but I’m pretty sure the scenario in Australia would be the same. even has a calculator which you enter in how long you spend doing various seated activities, and it calculates your risk for sitting disease.

After using the calculator to assess my risk for sitting disease, I was freaked out!

What did I do about it?

I invested in a Varidesk! This versatile piece of furniture sits on top of my existing desk at work, and can be adjusted as to a standing work station or sitting work station.

Varidesk - assembled for standing

Varidesk – assembled for standing

It’s easy to move to “seated” mode with two levers on the side. Simply move the keyboard and mouse to the keyboard tray, which slides out.

Varidesk - assembled for sitting

Varidesk – assembled for sitting

Varidesk – the pros:

  • You don’t need to buy a whole new desk – it’s portable and can fit on top of most existing desks.
  • You can easily adjust it to sit down, without having to move everything off it.
  • There’s enough space to put a few documents between the screen and keyboard it you want to refer to things while you work.
  • It’s very sturdy and can hold 16kgs of stuff.
  • It’s made me very popular at work, as everyone seems to stop and ask me about it. I love spreading the word of the sitting disease though!

Varidesk – the cons:

  • I still need a ream of paper to lift my screen to the right height. I could make the desk higher altogether, but this makes the keyboard too high.
  • It’s very heavy to lift initially when you actually want to put it on your desk. I needed someone to help me. Lifting it from seated mode to standing mode is easy though.
  • With a whole day of standing, my joints and feet get a bit sore. The floor mat would be good, but I couldn’t afford it.

Varidesk – the facts:

The cost: AU$358 (inc GST), plus shipping of AU$40

Dimensions: 76cm x 55cm Work Surface

Height: completely adjustable, with a variety of different heights to suit all people.

Shipping: Mine arrived within 36 hours of ordering!

Need something wider? The Varidesk Pro is a wider desk that can fit two screens. RRP AU$385


What else can you do?

You can contact me for a free initial health consultation to discuss ways in which we can get your health back on track!

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