Digital Package: Self-Discovery Following Motherhood


A Guide to Reclaiming Your Identity, Reigniting Your Spark, and Reconnecting With Your True Self


Do you feel changed by motherhood? Do you feel like you’ve lost yourself along the way?

Do you feel like you are just going through the motions of your hectic day?

Do you feel fatigued, overwhelmed, or burnout?

Do you feel like you have no time or energy for the things that keep you sane?

Do you keep telling yourself that “one day” when the kids are more independent you’ll take better care of yourself?

If you answered yes, then my process for reconnection is just what you need! This process is tailored specifically to #MumLife, so that you can still support, nurture and care for your family while you journey through a deep and lasting healing process.

Rebuild, repair and deepen your connection with yourself by:

  • Calling out the practices that disconnect you, such as unhealthy boundaries, avoidance, body shaming and emotional eating, and working through guilt and shame.
  • Replacing with practices that will build your intuition, embody your feminine energy, reignite your passion for life, create wellness, balance and harmony on your physical, mental and emotional levels.
  • Learning how to create more meaningful time, space and support to enhance healing.
  • Working through the processes and techniques with step-by-step instructions, exercises and prompts contained in the accompanying workbook.
  • Connecting with your inner guidance system, and expressing your uncomfortable emotions, with the assistance of two guided meditations, recorded to binaural meditative music.

This digital package contains everything you need to independently and easily embark on your own healing journey, including:

  • the digital book: Self-Discovery Following Motherhood
  • the accompanying workbook for real-life application and tangible results
  • 2 x Guided meditations recorded to binaural meditative music

Available 30 September – sent out to you digitally for $29.95 AUD

The launch is on 30 September, but you can pre-order TODAY at 25% off, using the coupon code “preorder” at the checkout!


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