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1 hour distance Reiki treatment for you to receive in the comfort of your own home. Book your session via https://calendly.com/katemanley/distance-reiki-1-hour



Opening Special

I am a trained Reiki Practitioner and have just embarked on my journey to gain my Masters in Reiki. To celebrate, I’m offering 20% off the standard rate for a distance Reiki session. 

About Reiki

I am trained in two types of Reiki techniques, which I utilise during my treatments – Usui and Seichim. 

Usui Reiki, meaning “Universal Life Force Energy”, aims to improve health and enhance the quality of life. It treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit and creates many beneficial effects including relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. Reiki can improve healing time, reduce or eliminate pain and reduce stress. I’ve completed Levels 1 and 2 and as of February, I’ve commenced my Reiki Masters.

Seichim Reiki (from the Egyptian word Sekhem) translates into English as “The Power of Powers”. Seichim is an ancient and sacred advanced form of hands on healing having sounds and symbols and is the parent energy of all hands on healing systems. An American Reiki Master/Teacher, Patrick Zeigler, rediscovered Seichim in the early 1980’s. Seichim is a divine feminine energy often accompanied by the Goddess Sekhmet or Chinese equivalent Kuan Yin. This Reiki works with dimensions and raising the vibrations of space. This feminine energy has so many applications and is one of my favourite energies to work with.
I’ve completed Level 1 of Seichim.

Distance Reiki

One wonderful aspect of Distant Reiki is you can be anywhere to receive it and you never have to leave your home. Distance Reiki can be just as effective as experiencing one in person – the Reiki energy “works” regardless of where you are located since it transcends time and physical space. 

If you are considering having a Distance Reiki Session, here are a few steps you can take to get the most from your treatment.

Before your Distant Reiki Healing

I will schedule a time and date with you for the distance Reiki session. By setting up a specific time, you can be in a receptive state (such as lying down or meditating during the treatment).

The Distance Reiki healing is usually about 50 minutes long. The remaining 10 minutes is used to perform an oracle reading to expand on some aligned actions steps for you to take following your treatment.

In advance of the session, I ask you to email me with any intention you have of what you want the session to support (e.g. a physical or health issue, goal, or challenge). Having these details will help me to connect with you and focus my attention on any particular areas of the body.

Prior to the session I will arrange a small altar in your honour, pulling the cards for the session, but I will not turn them over until the final 10 minutes. I will commence the Reiki session using the distance symbol that allows the healing to transcend time and space.

Tips for making the most of your distant Reiki healing

Preparing for your session

Treat this time like a meditation, or your yoga practice. If you enjoy baths, I would suggest enjoy a nice warm one before you lie down for your Reiki session, this helps get you into a wonderfully receptive state. Create a peaceful environment, whether that is going outside in nature, or the comfort of your own bed. Make the space comfortable with cushions and a blanket if needed, use your crystals, essential oils, or music to create sacred space.

Devote this time just to you

Sit, or lie comfortably, and make sure you won’t be too cold. Wear loose, nonrestrictive clothing, turn off any phones, close the computer. This time is for you.

Close your eyes and take several deep, slow breaths to relax. Tell your chatty mind that it is not needed right now. No-one needs you right now, you have no-where else to be, just here.
Bring your focus to the sounds around you, if thoughts or questions or ideas come into your mind, just let them be there, and then go. Don’t latch on and go down that path. If you feel your attention wander, just return to following your breath in and out.

State your intention

State your intention to receive the healing energy being sent your way. That is all you need to do. Forget concepts of time according to the clock, your timezone in the world, and your current physical location. Just trust that whatever you need, is coming to you right now, at the perfect time for you. This may seem a bit hard to believe, but suspend your doubts and skepticism for this time.

If you are new to Reiki, begin your Distant Reiki session with an open mind. If you lay there thinking, “When’s it gonna start?”; “I don’t feel anything?” or, “Is this stuff for real?” then you are not allowing or in the best frame of mind to relax and enjoy the best experience. Reiki energy is Universal Life Force Energy. It is only positive and can never harm. The energy you will receive does not come from the Reiki Practitioner, but rather through them, emanating from Source.

It’s okay to wonder what it might be like if you’ve never experienced it before, but it’s impossible to tell you beforehand what and how you will experience your Reiki session. As everyone is individual, experiences are also very individual. Reiki has its own intelligence and always works for the recipient’s Highest Good, no matter what they physically feel during the session. Whatever happens, happens and it is right and perfect for you at that moment in time.
Go back to your breath, a simple way to stay focused on the moment is to slowly count your breaths, 1 on the in breath, 2 on the out breath. Start again. And again. And so on. Keep it really simple.

Just relax in this space for as long as you feel comfortable, it may be 5 minutes, it may be half an hour. You may fall asleep, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Your body will do as it needs to do in order to relax and receive.

Finishing your session

After about 50 minutes, take 3 really deep, really slow, really big breaths to tell your body it’s time to change gears.

You may like to spend the final 10 minutes writing down any thoughts that popped up during your time, often the most golden ideas come to you in these quiet moments. This is when I will be collating the actions steps that have come through. 

After your session, it’s always good to drink a glass of water when there has been energy movement.

I will take a few notes during the session and send these to you afterwards, along with some action steps that have come through the card reading at the end. 

For the next 24-48 hours the Reiki energy may continue to work with you. Be gentle with yourself as you go about your day, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.


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