Yarok Shampoo & Conditioner

For a while now, I’ve been on the hunt for natural and chemical-free shampoo and conditioner, that doesn’t leave my hair either dry or flat.

I’ve finally found one I’m happy with, and I believe it’s worth the investment!

Yarok is Hebrew for the word “green”. The Yarok philosophy is something that resonates with me: “Yarok. Food for Your Head. Good for the Earth” . The product range is from New York, however many Australian online stores stock the range. You can also purchase from The Lab Organics online or in-store at Carlton.

Yarok is a 100% vegan, botanical haircare collection that is pure, free of alcohol, paraben, sulfates and cruelty.

With each use, I have found my hair to be incredibly smooth, soft and light. My hair fine so it has the tendency to go a bit flat quite easily, however I have found this range to keep my hair with volume and that just-washed look lasts me two days instead of one.

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The best bit about this shampoo and conditioner is just how amazing they smell, particularly the conditioner. It’s full of spices, which are unlike any product I’ve ever smelt. Whenever I use this range, my husband always comments on how good my hair smells, and I have to agree!

Now these little puppies are an investment as I mentioned earlier. I justified the purchase by asking for them for Christmas, and continue to wash my hair with it once a week, whilst alternating with my regular chemical-free shampoo and conditioner during the week. It’s a nice ritual, and I can’t tell you how amazing I feel inside and out after indulging in these products!

Please note, I’m not an affiliate and do not receive commission on sales for this product. I just want to share how much I’m enjoying this product!

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