Jade Yoga Mat

Since falling pregnant, I’ve had a strong aversion to smells – particularly anything artificial, chemical or plastic.

Hence the importance of a yoga mat that is natural, so I can really dig my face into it without passing out from the smell…

Introducing the Jade Yoga Mat!


Jade Yoga is committed to making the world’s best performing, most environmentally friendly yoga products and giving back to the earth with every product sold.


These mats are made with natural rubber and contain no PVC,  heavy metals, ozone depleting substances, or other synthetic rubbers, and are also 99% latex-free. Made in the US, they also meet compliance requirements with all US environmental and health and safety laws and are FDA approved.


Because they are made from natural rubber, they are super grippy and have more cushion than any of the synthetic rubbers. You won’t believe it until you feel it, but they stick to the ground (important if your yoga studio floor is made from bamboo floor boards like mine!) and your feet stick to the mat, even when they are sweaty! Their resilience and durability is like no other mat I’ve owned, and they will not tear or buckle.

So what are the downsides?

Say you want to move your mat slightly or reposition it for a particular pose, you have to get completely off the mat, as it’s that grippy and heavy. It can be a little disruptive during a class, but the security of the non-slip is worth the occasional hassle.

As they are made from natural rubber, they are quite heavy, which doesn’t make them ideal for travel. Bare in mind that Jade do make a lighter weight version for travel, but it isn’t quite as thick.


For me, this is the most important part – they are eco-friendly! Jade Yoga is run by a former lawyer for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and making eco-friendly yoga products is a huge priority for them.

The natural rubber is tapped (similar to tapping maple syrup) from a rubber tree. This means they are made from a sustainable and renewable resource, and this also makes them totally biodegradable.

They do have a slight “rubber” smell when you first purchase, but after time this goes away. I didn’t find this smell nearly as offensive as PVC and synthetic mats though!

treeAs Jade mats come from trees, they decided to give back by planting a tree for every mat sold.

Through its partnership with Trees for the Future, JadeYoga plants a tree for every yoga mat bought.  Since 2006, they have planted over 800,000 trees so far.


To clean, just wipe down with plain water after each use. I occasionally spray mine with some diluted essential oils, but do proceed with caution. I have sprayed a little too much, leaving a film of oil on the mat. Whilst it smelt amazing, I was slipping and sliding all over the place during my next session!

Cost and availability

These mats are made in the US, but I was able to purchase mine at EMP Industries, which ship all over Australia. If you happen to live in Melbourne, you can collect from Malvern and save on shipping.

There are a few different varieties available – extra thick, extra long, travel, extra wide. The basic variety, Harmony, is about $100.

It comes in a range of colours too!




Please note, I’m not an affiliate and do not receive commission on sales for this product. I just want to share how much I’m enjoying this product!

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