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I bought some Himalayan Salt Lamps from the internet, as I had read about their amazing health properties, particularly for defending yourself against harmful emissions from electrical equipment.

Until a few months ago, I honestly did not see any problems with electrical equipment, radio frequencies or wifi. That was until I listened to a Wellness Guys podcast with Building Biologist and Naturopath, Nicole Biljsma. I was amazed with just how harmful our technologically advanced environment is! I immediately invested in Nicole’s best selling book Healthy Home, Healthy Family. Did you know that Wifi is banned in schools in France????? Other European countries are following suit. They seem to have the attitude of “it’s not safe until proven”, whereas us Aussie’s would rather consider it “safe until proven otherwise”. Well the proof is emerging and it’s pretty scary.

I’ve stopped charging my iphone and ipad on my bedside table each night, and moved them into the hallway. I can still hear my phone alarm each morning, and now have to get out of bed to hit snooze…although I do end up going back into bed! I did try turning off our router each night but husband did not approve. We are currently looking at buying a house, and every inspection I check to see where the Meterbox is located and check that is NOT a SmartMeter. Kew Organics posted an eye-opening blog post on the dangers of SmartMeters in Victoria. It’s definitely worth a read.

After reading Nicole’s book, I am much more aware of the environment I live in, and actively working to reduce my exposure to harmful endocrine disruptors. So when I read about the positive effects of Himalayan Salt Lamps, I invested in 3 lamps and 2 tea light candle holders.

The main purpose of a salt lamp is to naturally improve indoor air quality by creating healthy negative ions. Through the process of hygroscopy, the active salt lamp attracts water molecules from the air and a chemical reaction occurs. Healthy negative ions are released into the air through the chemical reaction. These negative ions counteract the positive ions from electrical equipment.  Airborne bacteria, mould, viruses, allergens, respiratory irritants and asthma triggers cannot survive in the negatively charged environment, thus the air is naturally purified. Therefore, these lamps are best placed around electrical equipment, such as TVs, computers, routers and kitchen equipment.

In addition, these salt lamps look pretty awesome with their warm glow. At work, everyone who walks past my office makes a comment on the salt lamp, and I get to go off on my rant about the benefits beyond their appearance.

Here is a summary of tips taken from Nicole’s website to build a healthier home:

  1. Take your shoes off before you enter the building as this will reduce the dust load by at least 50%.
  2. Air your home by opening windows as often as you can. A healthy home smells like fresh air.
  3. Restrict the use of chemicals to clean your home; use damp microfibre cloths.
  4. Store food and beverages in glass, stainless steel, pyrex, corningware.
  5. Avoid air fresheners, pesticides and fragrances in your home as they may mimic hormones in our body which have been linked to early puberty and an increased risk of breast and other forms of cancer.
  6. Ensure electrical appliances are at least 1.5 metres away from your bed, favourite couch and any other areas where you spend time in order to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic fields.
  7. To reduce the dust load in your home, use a vacuum cleaner fitted with a HEPA filter and motorised head.
  8. Chlorine and fluoride in our drinking water are associated with health risks. Not to mention antibiotics, the contraceptive pill and all sorts of medication that is collected through recycled water. Use a water filter (check out my review on the fantastic Zazen Water Filter System).


Please note, I’m not an affiliate and do not receive commission on sales for this product. I just want to share how much I’m enjoying this product!

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