Bodecare Dry Skin Brush Review


I started Dry Body Brushing in 2013, and I was absolutely amazed at the difference it made to my skin. I always had little bumps that weren’t visually noticeable, but my skin never felt really smooth, particularly on the backs of my upper arms and upper legs. Over a matter of weeks, the texture of my skin dramatically improved! Many years on, and this is still a regular practice of mine, and I can confidently say that those little bumps and uneven texture have not returned!

What are the benefits?

Dry Body Brushing is a healthy practice that has been used in many cultures for hundreds of years, with the origin dating back to Ancient Roman times.

Dry Body Brushing has the following benefits:

  • assists with blood circulation
  • lymphatic drainage to assist the release of toxins
  • exfoliates dead skin
  • reduces in grown hairs
  • massages tired muscles
  • assists with skin conditions such as psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, eczema
  • relieves arthritis
  • tones the skin
  • removes bumpy skin from the back of your arms and legs over time

Although improving skin texture is an amazing benefit, I now maintain my practice specifically for detox purposes. Your skin is your biggest organ and sweating is an important part of the detox process. By increasing blood flow to your skin, and removing congestion from your pores, you can improve your body’s ability to detox.

What type of brush

Make sure you purchase a Body Brush that is created specifically for the purpose of dry body brushing. You can choose a medium or firm brush for your body. I have been using Bodecare Dry Body Brushes and love their quality and design.

Bodecare have an extensive range available, so that you find the right style and shape to suit your needs. I personally use the Tampico Firm Bristle for my body and the softer Jute for my face. If you are new to body brushing you may prefer to start with a medium bristle.

How to do it

It’s important to stroke the brush in one direction, quite firmly, and work towards your lymph nodes (generally away from your heart) to push the toxins in the right direction. It is perfectly normal for your skin to tingle and go a little red, and your skin will build up a bit of resilience over time.

I spend between 4 and 10 minutes depending on how much time I have. Although some people spend 20 minutes methodically working their way all over their body!

When I first started, I would do it twice a day, before work and after my shower at night. You can do it before a shower too, however it should always be performed on dry skin only. Now that I have a toddler in tow, my “me time” in the mornings is limited so I now just stick do it while I watch a bit of TV before bed each night. I then apply my delicious homemade body butter and feel absolutely divine!

How to keep your brush clean

It’s important to clean your brush regularly as it will accumulate a lot of dead skin cells. You can wash with hot soapy water once a week, and leave out to dry in a well ventilated area.

If you are concerned about bacteria, I recommend spraying with some tea tree hydrosol or mixing a couple of drops of tea tree essential oil with water and spraying on.

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