Plastic-free Products

Food Wraps

I have purchased some Hemp Reusable Food Wraps from Biome.

These are wraps are a great investment, easy to clean and perfect for cut up vegies.


Hair Brush


I’ve also invested in a plastic-free bamboo hair brush. Bamboo is environmentally sustainable, as it’s the fastest growing plant on the earth and is incredibly strong. It’s also completely safe, chemical-free and anti-bacterial.

I’ve never been one to brush my hair, which sounds odd I know. I used to just comb through my wet hair with the conditioner in and leave to dry naturally. Seeing as I only wash my hair every second day, I was only combing it once every 2 days!

So I am now dedicating more time to brush my hair and massage my scalp as it activates and stimulates blood cell circulation, promoting a healthy scalp and healthy hair cells.

Other Products

IMG_0088I also use a glass water bottle for the gym and an aluminum lunch box.

During the work week, I boil my own filtered water and take it in my insulated Klean Kanteen thermos.








As you may have picked up, I love my fermented drinks. So I also have bought an stainless steel funnel to decant my kombucha tea, and a stainless steel strainer for my kefir.






I also have bought a stainless steel lemon squeeze too!





Glass KeepCup

8oz of delicious coffee!


I’ve also written an extensive review on the new glass KeepCups, after seeing them at the Melbourne Coffee Expo!

To read the full review on this cup, please click on this link.






Check out the Biome website here for plenty of eco-friendly and BPA-free products.

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