an update on my personal PCOS story

Things have been moving in the right direction this year with my PCOS diagnosis, so I felt I should share my success! As you may be aware, last year I decided to tackle my PCOS and hypothyroidism without the use of medications. I wanted to balance my hormones naturally.

light end of tunnel

It’s taken a very long time to start to heal, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

If you wanted to catch up on my diagnosis and story thus far, please check out this post.

This year, my cycle has slowly returned, inconsistently but at least it’s happening! As you may be aware, women ovulate from alternate ovaries. I seem to have one cycle that is pretty close to 28 days now, and I can pinpoint the day of ovulation. The period associated with this cycle is completely pain free! No PMS!!!

However, the other cycle from the other ovary is not so pleasant. It fluctuates from 35 to 65 days long, and I can’t seem to pinpoint ovulation. The period associated with this ovary still quite painful, with cramps, headaches and a bad mood.

I have found that castor oil heat packs have eased the period pain. You can read more about them here.

So what do I believe have been the contributing factors to easy my PCOS symptoms, balancing my hormones and  bringing my cycle back into line?


I used to feel like my body was failing me and I was extremely frustrated with it. I was at war with myself, which resulted in huge self esteem and body love issues. I felt like I was doing everything right and my body was doing everything wrong.

In hindsight, I believe that most of my issues stemmed from my imbalanced approach to life. As I began to research and dramatically overhaul my mindset, things slowly started to change.

I read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and started paying more attention to my negative self-talk. I accepted my diagnosis and shifted my focus on to my thoughts and emotions. I started to build a loving relationship with myself.

If you are struggling with body love, my lovely friend Rachelle Hawken wrote a guest post for me a few weeks back. Acknowledging and appreciating our bodies beyond their weight is so important.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Last year I started seeking treatment at The Pagoda Tree, using Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. The combination of Chinese herbs and monthly acupuncture really helped with my digestion and gut health, which are key to promoting hormone production.

It was there I learned about the aligning your cycles with the moon. I found this so interesting, and although my cycles don’t quite align with the moon as yet, it’s opened me up to thinking of my cycle in a very different way. Find out more about it here.

Being Empowered

I realised that for a full year after my PCOS diagnosis, I knew very little about WHY and WHAT was happening to me. I knew nothing about charting my own cycles or my hormones and the roles they played in my body.

Knowledge is power girls! 

debunking-ovulation-affiliate-bannerIf you want to learn more about ovulation and how to chart your cycle, I highly recommend Dr Nat Kringoudis’s online course Debunking Ovulation.

She specifically covers how to chart your cycle if you have PCOS, with cycles that are all over the shop! Having knowledge of your cycle can assist you with conception or contraception.


dbunking-pcos-affiliate-bannerThe Debunking PCOS online course covers in full detail:

  • debunking PCOS – how to  understand your cycle (or lack of)
  • myths and truths of PCOS
  • why PCOS happens
  • how to get your body back on track
  • how to heal PCOS
  • life beyond PCOS (including babies)

Both resources explain the ins and outs of your body in a manner that is easy to follow, but detailed enough to provide you with an understanding on how to read the signals your body is sending you.


Probably an easy one to understand in theory, but not as easy to implement. When diagnosed with PCOS, we are told to be healthier – eat well and exercise. Easy right? Well, it can be extremely difficult if you have insulin resistance, like I did. You are riding the blood sugar rollercoaster and feel hangry every 3 hours.

For me, going sugar-free was one of the most challenging and rewarding steps towards balancing my blood sugar. Not sure where to start? I highly recommend anything by Sarah Wilson and the I Quit Sugar team. Or you could even try adopting a paleo diet.

Nutrition is really important for many reasons, and I wholeheartedly believe in eating real food, as close to nature as possible. Gut health is particularly crucial. If you want to learn more about it – sign up to my newsletter and receive my ebook Love Your Guts for free!

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