My Birthing Story

I thought I might share with you some of the highlights from the birth of my beautiful daughter, Piper. It is such a significant part of every new parents life, so I really can’t go without sharing!

But more importantly, as I know I have audience members currently pregnant or trying to conceive, I want to recommend some strategies, tips and tools that I found to be extremely helpful for falling pregnant and preparing for child birth. I have divided these up into a three-part series.


Piper’s Birth

I was fortunate to have a very healthy pregnancy, aside from extremely debilitating morning sickness during the first trimester. I had decided before even falling pregnant that I had wanted as natural birth as possible, which drove many of my decisions throughout my pregnancy. I had decided to birth in a hospital, but I chose for midwife care (so similar to that of a birthing suite) and had indicated my desire for a birthing pool.

When the all-important day arrived, I had already had a number of Braxton-Hicks in the week leading up. So I woke up this Sunday morning feeling no more tired than usual due to the discomfort of being in week 40, day 6. As I was making breakfast, my waters broke. From that point on it was quite a quick birth. We contacted my doula who arrived soon after. She walked through the door, took one look at me, and said that we should leave for the hospital as soon as possible.

By the time we arrived, I was 8 centimetres dilated and just a little over 5 hours later, I was holding Piper in my arms. I had given birth in the birthing pool, completely intervention and medication free. Throughout the labour, I used the mind-body and relaxation techniques I taught myself following the She-Births Online Course and birthing books I had read (see blog series below for further information). I avoided any stitches, tearing or an episiotomy. The only intervention that I required was synthetic oxytocin to enable me to birth the placenta, as we waiting over an hour while I was breastfeeding Piper with no such luck.

I would describe the feeling of birth as “intense” but I didn’t experience any feelings of fear. It flew by, and I felt so connected with my body, that I was able to just let go and trust the process.

I couldn’t have been happier with my birthing experience and want to share this blog series to any pregnant or want-to-be pregnant women who are interesting in learning to trust the wisdom of their bodies and aim for natural birth.

Part One – My Pre-Pregnancy Guide
Part Two – My Pregnancy Guide
Part Three – My Birthing Guide

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