Moon & Tide Gatherings – Sunshine Coast

Moon & Tide is a reminder that the magical force that governs the moon cycles and the tides also resides within you.

These gatherings are designed to reconnect you with the seasons, cycles, phases and rhythms of nature and in turn reconnect you with your sacred self.

Sharing stories, holding space, and a passing down of wisdom, there is nothing more healing than being in a group of honest sisters that truly see and accept you. In a period of history where we live more separately than ever, the ritual of coming together is one that we must not underestimate. In my experience, it is something that all women crave, but most aren’t aware of. And when we get a taste of it, we wonder how we ever survived without it.
– Rebecca Campbell, author of Rise Sister Rise

Moon & Tide Gatherings bring women together, to celebrate the magic all around us and within us, to bring us back into harmony with the natural world, and to find sanctuary from the busyness of our modern lifestyle.