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Those of you who follow my blog may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet for the past few months… To be honest, I’ve been lacking the creative drive to even think of blog articles or newsletter themes.

But I guess that is because my creative energy has been subconsciously assigned to something else. Yep that’s right, I’m growing a baby!

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The past few years, I have been invested in getting my health back on track. When I learned of my PCOS diagnosis, suddenly I was reading all things fertility, even though a baby was not on the cards just yet.

One of my favourite philosophies is based on the inspirational work from Dr Nat Kringoudis, who reminds us that fertility is not about making babies – it’s an extension of our health. If our bodies aren’t in a good way, the reproductive switch will be turned off, because biologically it’s not a good time to fall pregnant.

A few years back when I was first diagnosed with PCOS, the gynaecologist told me that if we wanted kids, we better start trying immediately because it would be extremely difficult for me to fall pregnant, and the chance of miscarriage was extremely high with PCOS. The (outrageously expensive) consultation finished with her giving me two choices – go back on the pill (Yaz – a very expensive one to help with all the weight I gained) OR go on Clomid (fertility drug to force ovulation). I left the consultation in tears believing that there was nothing I could do to treat my PCOS. I felt pretty hopeless and sorry for myself.

However, after much of my own research, leading into natural alternatives, I learned that hope was not lost at all. Healing takes time but it’s totally doable!

So if you are suffering with PCOS or any other reproductive issue, please know that there are options. Most of the common reproductive issues that women face are related to hormones (endometriosis, painful periods, irregular periods, amenorrhea etc) and these can be balanced and improved. I strongly suggest you contact a Naturopath or Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine). Know that it takes time and some significant lifestyle changes, but the prognosis can be much better than that of the medication route.

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