Essential Oils for Babies, Toddlers and Children

I love my essential oils, and use them on a daily basis for my own health, self care and skin regime.Since having my daughter, I’m even more committed to using essential oils for the health and wellbeing of our family.

I’ve previously written about essential oils in my Essential Oils 101 series.

See Part 1 for information regarding the benefits. See Part 2 for how to use essential oils .

The focus today’s article is how to incorporate essential oils into your life as mum.


Which oils are safe to use for babies, toddlers and children

You only want to use very gentle oils when it comes to babies, toddlers and children. I personally only use Lavender and Roman Chamomile for my daughter (who is currently 15 months old), especially if it will be coming into contact with her skin. I recommend Lavender for new users as it’s very versatile, and relatively cheap compared to other oils.

I recommend doing a skin test before any topical application, and this should always be blended with a carrier oil (see below for ratios).

I also recommend the Twenty8 Instant Calm blend or Vetiver for diffusion.

Ideas on how to use for babies, toddlers and children
  • Make your own baby wipes with reusable cloths and a mix of purified water and essential oil.
  • Massage lavender and a carrier oil into your baby’s feet after a bath to assist in winding down before bed each night.
  • Lavender and a carrier oil to soothe sunburn.
  • Lavender and lemon essential oils mixed with coconut oil to massage into baby’s head to remove cradle cap. Use a baby toothbrush to gently lift flakes.
  • To make your own bum balm mix coconut oil, roman chamomile and frankincense into a paste (it will be more liquidly in summer).
  • For smelly children’s sports clothing, you can mix tea tree and lemon essential oils and wash with baking soda.
  • For head lice, mix three drops of thyme, lavender and eucalyptus oils with unscented oil (like joboba) and apply to scalp. Cover head with a shower cap and leave on for 30 minutes. Shampoo out.
  • For cuts and grazes, use tea tree and lavender with a carrier oil and massage into affected skin regularly, once a scab has been formed.
  • To make your own Insect spray (for children) try a combination of eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, peppermint, or tea tree, mixed with a little coconut oil.

To soothe an upset or tired child, using either Lavender, Roman Chamomile or Instant Calm:

  • Purchase a diffuser for your child’s room to turn on before each nap.
  • Alternatively spray a blend of purified water and essential oil into your child’s cot before a nap.
  • 1-2 drops of on to your child’s favourite soft toy to calm them.
  • Add a few drops to your toddler or child’s bath.
Where to buy

I personally use the Twenty8 range, which is both organic and therapeutic grade.

First aid for babies, toddlers and children

For those mums who want to take essential oil usage one step further, essential oils have been researched extensively with very positive results for illnesses and ailments.

I highly recommend First Aid Essential Oils for Mothers and Children by Kim Morrison, which covers the top 6 essential oils for first aid – eucalyptus, geranium, lavender, lemon, peppermint, and tea tree.

It discusses essential oil remedies for colds, constipation, burns, eczema, nose bleeds, ring worm, tonsillitis, and warts, just to name a few!

How much to use?

For pregnant women or children (2 to 12 years)

 Massage  100ml = 20 drops (5:1 ratio)
 Vaporising  3-4 drops
 Bathing  1-2 drops
 Compress  1-2 drops
 Inhalation  1-2 drops
 Footbath  2-4 drops
 Spritzer  2-4 drops
 Direct Application  Place 1 drop on damp cotton bud

For babies and toddlers (3 months to 2 years)

 Massage  100ml = 10 drops (10:1 ratio)
 Vaporising  3-4 drops
 Bathing  1-2 drops
 Compress  1 drop
 Inhalation  1 drop

For newborns (0 to 3 months)

 Vaporising  3-4 drops
 Avoid all topical applications


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