EMF Radiation Safety for You and Your Children

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Radiation is a growing concern for me, and many other health professionals. I am an avid user of modern technology, so in this video I share with you the strategies and products that can reduce the harm caused by EMF radiation.

EMF is created by most electrical appliances, but the biggest concerns are from wireless technology and mobile phones, because these radiofrequencies were classified by the World Health Organisation on the 31st May 2011 as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’.

2019 Update

Since recording this video in early 2018, I have taken a few more steps to ensure our family is protected (better to be safe than sorry!):

Hardwired Internet – Bye Bye Wifi

After further research into the concerns of wifi impacting children, we have hard wired our entire house so that 2 x desktops, 1 x laptop and 1 x Roku TV are connected to the internet via ethernet. I make a point of checking websites, social media or googling on the computers rather than picking up my mobile. However, we still have the issue of 2 x iPhones and 2 x iPads  requiring connection for updates etc.

For a regular refresh on the iPhones, or to connect an app to the internet, I (reluctantly) use mobile data. For the iPads, I connect to Bluetooth and tether to the iPhone and use mobile data. Bluetooth is not a perfect solution, however it is far less strong than wifi. When we have to update or back up our devices, we will turn on the wifi and limit exposure to 30 minutes. I am currently looking for cheats on how to connect our Apple devices to ethernet, although this is not simple.

If hardwiring is not an option for you, try just turning on the wifi as you need it, and remember to turn off overnight.

Reduced Mobile Phone Use

I am increasingly concerned about radiation exposure from mobile phones, so I always switch my phone on to airplane mode each night and leave the phone away from the bedroom. I have now started to leave my phone on airplane mode throughout the day, and turn on just a couple of times to check for messages. As I mentioned above, I try to use my computer rather than my mobile phone when at home, but this is a difficult habit to break. At least when I pick up my phone to google something, I see it’s on airplane mode and remember to use the computer instead.

5G Mobile Network

I personally have huge concerns regarding the safety of 5G network. In my opinion, this new technology has not been tested for long-term exposure. Imagine an infant that is exposed to 5G for it’s entire life? How do we know that he/she won’t develop cancer given that radiation has been deemed as possibly carcinogenic? There is also suggestion that 5G experiments have resulted in serious injury and even death to nearby wildlife, including birds and bees. Quite frankly, it really scares me.

If you have similar concerns or simply want to learn more, I encourage you to read this International appeal:

You can read about the Australian 5G rollout and safety concerns here:

Further information

For further information, I highly recommend the work of Nicole Bijlsma, who is an expert when it comes to hazards in the home. Start your research journey here: https://www.buildingbiology.com.au/hazards/electromagnetic-fields.html

If you are interested in which countries have placed restrictions on the use of WIFI, read here: http://www.parentsforsafetechnology.org/worldwide-countries-taking-action.html

If you are interested in learning more about mobile phone radiation, wifi radiation, and radiation in general, I strongly recommend checking out Nick Pineualt from The Non-Tinfoil Hat Guide to EMFs here: http://www.nontinfoilemf.com/


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