drop it! back away from the smart phone…


I recently had a very intense work week, which required my time and attention during lunch and after work. For that week, I didn’t have a chance to spend ANY time on Facebook, personal email, reading other people’s blogs or newsletters. I felt completely disconnected from the world that I am so passionate about. I felt like there were all these new breakthroughs about wellness, health and life, and I was missing out on them.

Do you ever feel like the entire world is being captured in your smartphone and you better make sure you keep refreshing your newsfeed so that you don’t miss anything? Hasn’t it been tagged as “FOMO” (fear of missing out)? Well, maybe the missing out is the stuff that goes on in the real world….

Live your life before you share your life – Claire Obeid

What an interesting concept. Have you seen the two videos that went viral a little while back? If not, spend a few minutes checking them out below. These are good reminders of the things we are missing out on when we are in the social media vortex!

I touched on the importance of disconnecting in my October newsletter, with the promise of a full blog post. (Didn’t receive my October newsletter – you can sign up here). Now I do realise the irony, as chances are, you are reading this on your phone – but hear me out!

When I’m feeling overwhelmed with life, I find that giving myself permission, time and space to breathe is really important. One of the easiest ways for me to do that is to stay off social media for a while.

What are the benefits of disconnecting from social media?

– You’ll be forced to live in the present moment (yes, I realise that waiting for your takeaway coffee maybe boring in comparison to your newsfeed, but who know’s what you’ll see!)

– You’ll stop comparing your life/blog/body/child to that of your high school friends/favourite blogger/girl crush/your sister in-laws

– It WILL reduce your stress levels, as living mindfully is the key to this

– If you want to connect with your friends, you’ll have to do that in person! It’s probably a lot more fun than just liking their post

– You’ll have a bit more time on your hands to go the things you really love

– Time won’t go so fast – have you ever thought I’ll just quickly look that thing up, and before you know it 45 minutes has passed and you have nothing to show for it?

– It enables you to go “inward”

Why go “inward”?

For me, it’s about cultivating a relationship with my true self and connecting with my intuition.

Here are some other ways that I go “inward”:
  • journalling
  • meditating
  • spend an afternoon reading a book
  • going for a very slow walk and literally stop to smell the roses (or relevant flowers)
  • grounding
  • yin yoga
  • giving myself permission to do nothing

See what all the hype was about with these videos. Once you’ve watched them, you can then put your phone down!

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