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Do you need to lose weight to become healthy?

Do you need to lose weight to become healthy?
– OR –
Do you need to become healthy in order to lose weight?

scalesAs you may know, I’m a huge fan on Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness. It was in his book, the Dark Side of Fat Loss that I first realised that we generally have things the wrong way around.

We think that we need to lose a few kilos in order to look healthy. But in fact, our body won’t release excess weight (on a permanent basis) until it’s actually healthy. (Read more about Sean’s take here)

Being thin doesn’t automatically make you a healthy specimen of the human race!

My experience:

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our modern era: why we need to find our roots to fix our hormones

As you may be aware, a common theme of mine is stressing (note the choice of word!) the importance reviving traditional approaches to heal our modern day ailments. Personally, I struggle with hormonal balance, and I’m still slowly, slowly, slowly recovering. I believed I was giving my body the best possible shot through really nourishing food, meditation and yoga. But perhaps there is still a missing puzzle piece?

Life is busy. Ridiculously busy! Watching this amazing video by Dr Libby Weaver will be the best thing you can do for your long-term health today. 18 minutes of pure bliss for your mind, body and spirit.

And thanks to the beautiful Jo for putting me on to Dr Libby!