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Essential Oils for Babies, Toddlers and Children

I love my essential oils, and use them on a daily basis for my own health, self care and skin regime.Since having my daughter, I’m even more committed to using essential oils for the health and wellbeing of our family.

I’ve previously written about essential oils in my Essential Oils 101 series.

See Part 1 for information regarding the benefits. See Part 2 for how to use essential oils .

The focus today’s article is how to incorporate essential oils into your life as mum.


Which oils are safe to use for babies, toddlers and children

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Essential Oils 101 – Part Two

How to use essential oils?

Topically and massage

Essential oils have a very small size and of the chemical weight of less than 1000m (m = weight of molecule). This means that they are able to penetrate the skin and pass into the bloodstream and into different areas of the body for internal benefits, without having to take orally.

Only some essential oils can be applied directly (lavender, frankincense, tea tree) as they are highly concentrated (refer to blending guide below).  For the rest it is best to dilute with a carrier oil (see below for list of carrier oils), and massage into your skin.


Essential oils are also absorbed into the bloodstream when inhaled. The large amount of blood vessels in the lungs absorb the oils and then circulate them throughout the body. Continue reading

Essential Oils 101 – Part One

Have you discovered the many benefits of essential oils?

Essential oils are made of very small molecules that can penetrate your cells, and some can even cross the blood-brain barrier. This means they act fast! Within 4 seconds of inhaling an aroma the body responds via the brain and central nervous system by releasing certain chemicals and endorphins.

What are they?

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