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Today, I’m so proud to share with you guest blog post from my wonderful friend and life coach, Rachelle Hawken!

Over to you, Rachelle…


I want to talk about body love.

Guiding women to appreciating their bodies and what they are capable of is so important to me as a life coach because I have seen firsthand what happens to a woman when she makes this transition.

So many of my clients tell me that they want to lose weight or gain a certain level of fitness. They have a deep sense of insecurity or anxiety that sits with them constantly, they plan their weeks with the best intentions to exercise at 110% effort, 5 to 7 days a week and can be quite restrictive with what they choose to eat. Of course, this rarely, if ever, goes according to plan and so these beautiful women berate themselves for not achieving something that was mostly unrealistic. It’s a downward spiral as they feel more and more despondent about the thought of never being able to have the perfect body. I absolutely love my work, encouraging women to drop their negative perspectives on food, weight, exercise and appearance and transform the way they see the process.

I know exactly what it’s like because I’ve been there.

What is body love exactly?

Well, it’s all about appreciating the capabilities of your body, nourishing and taking care of yourself both in body and in mind and occasionally cutting yourself a break. To me, body love has nothing to do with getting bikini ready. Instead, it’s letting go of the perception of what a bikini body should look like altogether. If it feels good to wear a bikini then I am all for it but I am also all for not wearing a bikini if it just feels too revealing for you. As long as it’s a choice about whether you want to or not and it’s not about hiding your body.

When we are stuck in the Groundhog Day that is the diet treadmill, we also struggle to move forward in life. Finding our purpose becomes less and less likely. We can also go the other way and get so focused on other parts of our life that we forget to take care of ourselves as a first priority.

When you start to do exercise that feels good and allow yourself to eat whatever you want, something really special happens. When you no longer restrict yourself, you’ll have less cravings for ‘bad’ food and naturally start to choose the best foods for your health because you want them and not because you think you should.

When you stop sneak eating, your health improves, your mental state improves and you become a first class version of yourself. When you tune in and start to treat your mind and body with respect, you can truly start to love yourself. When you do that? It’s only a matter of time before you start creating the magic in your life that you truly deserve.

How can you start to move towards body love? There are lots of little changes you can make that when combined, create lasting, effective change.

  • Mantras + affirmations ‘my body is a temple and I treat it with loving kindness’.
  • Mirror work – look at your body as a whole rather than pieces to be picked on.
  • Eat intuitively. Promise to choose what your body needs and not based on calories.
  • Drop the restrictive exercise routine and focus listening to your body.
  • Choose to enjoy life. There is freedom in letting go of guilt, shame and anger.
  • Pay attention to all or nothing, black and white thinking and choose something different.

Not sure how to eat or move intuitively? What is intuition anyway?

Intuition is the positive version of yourself, the feeling in your stomach, the part of you that has your own best interests at heart. To connect to your intuition, ask yourself;

  • Is what I am about to do really the best choice for me?
  • Will this activity energise or deplete me?
  • What emotion will I feel afterwards?

This is about being honest with yourself, putting yourself first and allowing yourself to make the best choices for you in each moment.

rachelle body loveRachelle is a Life + Confidence Coach at My Saturn Epoch. She supports women through the big transitions in their life, helping them to break their negative cycles to consciously create a happy life and positive mindset. She is a big hearted business woman who is passionate about supporting women in pursuit of their own excellence so they can shine as a beacon to themselves, their families and their communities.

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