big weekend? here are my best tips for a quick detox

So you overindulged this weekend? Don’t worry, we’ve ALL been there. Here are my top tips for a super quick recovery:

Scrub your skin

IMG_0041Our skin is actually a major organ which eliminates toxins through our pores. When dead skin cells accumulate, detoxification through the skin becomes difficult. So by removing dead skin cells, we can assist detoxification.

I’m a huge fan of dry body brushing, but you could also do a hot towel scrub.

The scrubbing/brushing action also reduces muscle tension and promotes circulation.

Vege soup

Some people will swear by juicing vegetables for a detox/cleanse, but with the fibre removed it can actually be almost a sugar hit of fructose, particularly if you are juicing apples or sweet veggies like carrot and beetroot.

Others will recommend a green smoothie instead, as the fibre is kept in the drink. However, smoothies can be difficult to digest for three reasons :

  1. Raw foods can be difficult for a compromised stomach to digest, and can often lead to bloating.
  2. If the veggies have been stored in the fridge, your stomach will need to heat them up to 37 degrees before it can start digesting.
  3. By “drinking” your veges, you aren’t exposing them to saliva as you chew. Without saliva you are slowing down the digestive process.

For this reason, I prefer to make a warm soup of cooked veges! Lots of spices, organic veges and some bone broth make the perfect soup!

Having something warm and filling will combat those pesky sugar cravings you may also be experiencing.


I try to drink lots of warm lemongrass and ginger tea, loads of filtered water, or coconut water stored at room temperature for the reasons mentioned above! Doesn’t really matter what it is, just get some fluids into you (well maybe not alcohol!).

Get adjusted

ChiroNothing beats the feeling of a nervous system and spine that are aligned. I find a visit to my lovely chiropractor, Dr Kate Anderson, alleviates any headache or neck/back tension that I might be experiencing after being a little too indulgent.

Chiropractic care is more than having a pain-free back and neck. It’s about a healthy nervous system, which is the master controller for all that we do!

Affirmations & gratitude

I have always struggled with one emotion  – GUILT. I don’t know what it is, but when I’m feeling down/fragile/defeated, I will find someway to feel guilty and re-live bad decisions and criticise myself for knowing better. After a big weekend, or if I’ve fallen off the wellness-wagon, I tend to feel guilty.

So it is extra important for me to detox those negative emotions and thoughts by practising some self-love through the use of affirmations.

I sometimes also try to meditate with an affirmation in mind, but can find it difficult to concentrate when I’m feeling like crap. Instead, I find it easier to practice gratitude and write down all the good things in my life, focusing on the best bits from the indulgent weekend.


enema kitThis one may be a little sticky, but it’s really important that you are able to eliminate any of the toxins that have been released and are being stored in your colon. Going 1-2 times per day is ideal, any less frequent than this suggests something isn’t right with your digestion.

If your diet hasn’t been the greatest over your big weekend, you may find yourself a little blocked up. A coffee enema may do the trick! What the fudge is that?! you may ask. I cannot explain it better than the coffee enema queen, Jess Ainscough. Check out her video here (don’t worry you don’t actually see anything!).

Nap it off

Sleep is absolutely crucial as I’m sure you are aware. If you have an opportunity, a mid-afternoon nap can also aid in the detox. Otherwise, be sure to get an early night!


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