Benefits of Earthing and Grounding

Earthing and GroundingI would say that I grew up with a reasonably conventional mindset around the way the world worked. Science was accurate and did not entertain the idea of things occurring without some kind of proof.Two years ago, the concept of “earthing/grounding” would not have sat well with me. That would have been something for hippies only, with little proof in my mind that there could be any real benefit to such practice. Today, I’m much more curious about how we are connected to the earth, and it’s that connectedness that actually keeps us alive and well.

So what is earthing/grounding?

The earth’s surface has a nearly limitless supply of negative-charged free electrons. Anytime you have two conductive objects that make contact (such as your bare feet and the ground), the electrons will flow from the place where they are abundant to the place where there are less.

Therefore, by connecting with the Earth where the free electrons are many, we can effectively “recharge”.

Our bodies perform optimally when there is an adequate supply of electrons available to it. By allowing for an influx of electrons into the body, the earth’s potential assists in stabilising the electrical “environment” for our organs, tissues, and cells. The earth acts as a natural “power source”, as it allows the body to maintain a healthy, homeostatic level of electrons and compensates for any lost during attrition (free radical stress).

Research has also found that:

  • Electrons move from the earth to the body and vice versa when the body is grounded. This effect is sufficient to maintain the body at the same negative-charge electrical potential as the earth.
  • Electron flow in the mitochondria is known to reduce inflammation, therefore this flow of free electrons into the body from the earth can assist with inflammation.
  • Grounding powerfully reduces electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that have an effect on the body.

By regularly putting our bare feet on the ground, or hugging the odd tree, we can utilise nature’s most potent antioxidant – the earth itself – and reap these benefits associated with this not-so-conventional trend.

My favourite ways to ground
  • walk along the  beach, barefoot, with my feet in the sand
  • lay on the grass in a beautiful park
  • touch flowers and plants as I walk through a garden
  • and it’s free!!!! (you can also purchase earthing products if you want to take this good feeling indoors).
 Find out more on this video below

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  1. Connie

    How do the mitochondria utilise the electrons? Are you referring to the electron transport chain? Because I don’t understand how the electrons would be transported without the molecular carriers, and I also don’t understand the link between this and fighting inflammation.


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