affirmations – transformational or a bunch of crap?


For a very long time, I was resistant to using affirmations. They seemed so fake and incredibly stupid to me. I hardly believed the phrases, so I wasn’t going to waste my breath repeating them.

However, over time as my heart has opened and I gave it a go. Some still just don’t ring true to me, as my ego takes over and finds some quick-witted response as to why it’s not true. But there are a few that my ego has no comeback for. These are the ones that tend to comfort me during times of uncertainty or anxiety.

A few of my favourite affirmations and mantras
  • Right now, everything is perfect
  • I am exactly where I need to be
  • The only approval I need is my own
  • What others say is a reflection of them, not me
  • No one can make me feel unworthy without my permission
  • You are good enough, you do enough and you are enough
  • Don’t waste energy on guilt, spend it on forgiveness
  • I have the strength to feel my feelings
  • This too shall pass (this one I stole from my Doctor of TCM!)
  • As I grow, I accept that some things I do will be successes and others will be failures, and I know that either is an acceptable part of life
  • I’m connected to beauty, I have a place in the universe, and I’m grounded to the Earth
  • I have a purpose greater than I realise right now
  • My thoughts create my reality
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