Grandmaster Mattress by OzMattress – Review

Go on treat yourself …

Seriously, how old is your mattress? Does it remember the curvature of your body long after you have risen? Ours was around 10 years old. We had a foam egg carton thing on top and it was still giving me lower back pain. So it was definitely time to upgrade!

Now, talk about value – OzMattress is relatively cheap, and great quality! We bought at a time they had a deal which included two memory foam pillows. We’ve been sleeping on it for a few months now, and every night it’s like a dream. It’s supportive, but not too firm. It was delivered within a few days and fits our sheet sets perfectly. Absolutely no complaints!

Sleep is a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle. It aids weightloss, recovery and happiness. We should be aiming to get 8-9 hours of sleep with minimal disruptions through the night.

As you can see, the Grand Master mattress has a lovely silk cover in white with black detailing. It’s a pillow top design, which means you can’t flip it but you can (and should) rotate it. With pillow tops, it’s a good idea to try to sleep on as much of the surface as you can, so that over time you spread your weight evenly across the bed instead of just sticking to the one area. In practice, it’s probably a matter of making a point to snuggle up to your partner while you sleep once in a while, rather than relegating yourself to your own section of the bed. Of course, this could do wonders for your relationship as well as your new mattress!

OzMattress Grand Master in our bedroom

Our OzMattress Grand Master in it’s new home


What’s inside the Grand Master mattress?

When we went mattress shopping, it became apparent quickly that there was no easy way to actually compare the wide array of mattresses in shops. Sure, you can look at a mattress, poke and prod it a little. You can lay down for a few minutes, but often I was left wondering what was inside. That’s what counts, after all. When we found the OzMattress site, we liked the fact that they show you a cut-away image of the mattress composition. We had been searching for a mattress that would be cool to sleep on, supportive yet soft, and would minimise partner disturbance when getting up out of bed (I’m a light sleeper!). This mean we had narrowed down the underlying technology to the following:

  • Pocket coil system (to minimise partner disturbance – our old mattress certainly did not deliver in this regard!)
  • Supportive coil structure (some beds feature stiffer coils along the hip area for example. The Grand Master uses the ‘Rhino Coil’ system.
  • Cool to sleep on (Melbourne gets hot – we wanted a mattress that wouldn’t be super hot in the summer months. Grand Master uses Quantum Gel which is pressure-relieving and cool)
  • Soft yet supportive pillow top (We chose the ‘medium-firm’ variant of the mattress… more on that below)


Inside the Grand Master by Ozmattress

Inside the Grand Master

Two options: Soft-medium OR Medium-firm

A little more info on the pillow top. According to the chat I had with the crew at Ozmattress, the difference between the soft-medium and the medium-firm is in the pillow top. The underlying support coil system is identical. We thought this made a lot of sense, and we opted for the medium-firm, although to be honest I think we would have been just as happy with the soft-medium!

What about delivery?

After we had asked a few questions using their online chat, we placed our order online. We then got a call to arrange a suitable delivery time. Luckily for us, the mattress was in stock so we ended up having it delivered a few days later (up three flights of stairs no less!). We opted to keep our old mattress for when we have guests stay, but OzMattress can also take away your old one if you have no need for it. By the way, delivery is free as everything is included in the prices on their web site. We certainly didn’t find any hidden catches, and we even received a follow up call a few days later to ensure we were happy with the mattress.

Overall thoughts

The Grand Master may suit you if you like the idea of a simple and affordable way to buy a luxurious mattress (without the hassle of driving around between mattress stores trying to find a good deal). OzMattress is definitely worth putting on your short list. Their web site answers many of the questions you may have.  The mattresses are made here in Australia, and it’s an aussie company, so you’re supporting local jobs. Some of the materials (such as the Quantum gel) come from Italy or other countries, but the end product is put together here. We’ve been recommending the Grand Master to our friends and family, and if you’re on a budget I’ve heard great things about their other two mattresses in the line-up – the Mod and Supra.

You spend a third of your life on your mattress sleeping, so it’s important that you’re getting good quality, deep sleep. We’re certainly very happy with our Grand Master!

Visit the OzMattress web site

Please note, I’m not an affiliate and do not receive commission on sales for this product. I just want to share how much I’m enjoying this product!


6 thoughts on “Grandmaster Mattress by OzMattress – Review

  1. Phil M

    I have been having chronic lower back pain a lot of this year.
    Our mattress is 14 years old. We are thinking of buying one like the one you chose.
    Hoping this will be a quick fix !!!!

  2. Steve Zafiriou

    Great review and good feedback
    As we are in the market for a mattresses after 12 years , weaver totally confused with what is out there and the difficulty of trying to compare apples with apples and the money we have to spend to buy a mattress of good and sound quality!

    Definitely will be giving Ozmattresses a call

  3. Matthew

    Hi, Just wondering how the mattress is after the months you’ve had it. Also, do the side walls sink much when you sit on the side of the bed? Great review. I’m down to choosing between two beds and this is one of them.

    1. Coach Kate Post author

      Hi Matthew, the mattress is holding up really well. We’ve rotated it a few times and haven’t noticed any sinking. It doesn’t really sink much when you sit on the side of the bed. We are still happy with our choice, so I’m sure you will be too 🙂

    1. Coach Kate Post author

      Hi Sandra, it’s still going really well. We rotate it a couple times per year to keep the shape. We are still very happy with our purchase!


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