Stress Busters for Busy Mums

Are you feeling stressed out or overwhelmed?

I often feel like life gets the better of me, and I don’t know where to begin to get things back in order. Everywhere I turn, I just see more and more things requiring my attention:

  • The kitchen is chaos
  • The washing has piled up and I’m running out of clean underwear
  • The lounge is covered in toys, puzzle pieces and books
  • My personal email has 150 unopened but semi-important or interesting emails waiting for me
  • The fridge is empty and there’s nothing for dinner
  • I’m behind on my study
  • Colleagues from work are texting wondering if you could just quickly do something from home
  • The dog is in desperate need of a walk and is barking and bouncing all over the place
  • And lastly, my little darling daughter is trying to grab my hand so that she can lead me into her bedroom to play!

Perhaps this is a normal day for you? Over time, these feelings of overwhelm can pile up to chronic low grade stress, or even depression or anxiety. So what do you do when you are feeling overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done and only you can do it? Continue reading

Winter Thrival Guide

Don’t just survive winter… thrive! Here are my top tips to stay on top of your health goals when the mercury drops.

Hot teaWith winter well and truly here, it is easy to lose sight of the things we’ve achieved through the warmer months. Staying in the present moment can allow you to embrace the weather for what it is, instead of trying to fight it.

On a cold, wet day your body will naturally want to stay indoors and keep warm.  The good news is you don’t have to fight your natural inclinations.

Follow these tips for top nourishment under challenging conditions:

Cold, rainy and uninspiring weather?

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Sleep Hacks for Tired Mums

You don’t need me to tell you the importance of sleep (or if I do, you can read about it here!), especially when getting a good night’s sleep is completely out of your control.

New babies and sleep deprivation go hand in hand. But after a few months some babies settle into a gentle rhythm. Others do not… For those of you who, like me, find that getting quality sleep is still a struggle with a teething toddler, here are my sleeping hacks for when you are running on near-empty and it’s only 7am.

You can apply these tips whether you are a working mum who leaves home and goes to a job, or a working mum who stays at home caring for your children.

Plan a Gentle Day

Take the time to reassess your to-do list today. What can you remove or post-pone? You will have only a limited amount of energy today, so use it sparingly! Instead spend as much time as you can with your little one or your pet. Slow down and be mindful. Play, and laugh as much as possible. Even if it’s at something completely silly, the act of laughing will boost your immune system and relieve physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after.

Control Your Cravings

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Loving My Post-Baby Body

As I write the title to this article, I feel an uneasy energy wash over me as loving my post-baby body is not actually something I’ve managed to achieve yet.

To give you a bit of a context, you may be aware that I have struggled with an eating disorder (you can read about that here). My weight has always been problematic for me, and still a very sensitive area. So of course when you throw pregnancy into the mix, you’ll understand why, as a new mother, I was ashamed to go out into the world the same way I used to before having a baby.

Whilst I actually managed to “slim down” during pregnancy (terrible nausea, heart burn and food aversion made it difficult to eat much), I stacked on the weight once my daughter was born. My body was in a state of stress due to emotional issues, lack of sleep and all the not-so-fun (stressful) bits that having a baby brings.

Once my daughter was about 4-5 months old, I decided it was time to focus on myself again. Rather than focusing on dieting and weight loss, I decided to focus on self-love and acceptance. Here are my suggestions on how to see your post-baby body and yourself with love: Continue reading

How to Meditate When You Have a Baby or Toddler

Over the years of my health journey, I have dabbled with meditation. I’ve found guided meditations really useful and thoroughly enjoyed doing them, but I still struggled to incorporate meditation into any kind of regular routine. Maybe you can relate?

Vedic Meditation

One of the most rewarding experiences I had whilst on maternity leave was attending a four day babes-in-arms meditation course, with The Broad Place. The course was in a specific kind of meditation, called Vedic Meditation. This involves repeating your own personal mantra given to you by a Vedic Meditation teacher. The aim is to meditate twice per day for 20 minutes.

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